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Discover your level of wellness through a comprehensive Bioenergetic Testing, which consists of a hair & saliva  analysis.

The cells within our body hold a vast amount of information. Almost everything that we come in contact with in a daily basis is stored within our cells, such as toxins, stressors, viruses, emotions, and more! 

Through a 
comprehensive hair & saliva analysis test we can see imbalances within organs and nutrition, food sensitivities, toxins, hormones imbalances and more! 

Is it okay if my hair is colored/dyed for the sample? 
Yes! Colored hair will not affect the scan results. It actually helps us get an accurate representation of what is currently affecting your health. 

What if I don't have a large enough hair sample or any hair at all? 
If you don’t have a large enough amount of hair for a sample, you can send both hair & nail clippings. If you do not have hair, please send nail clippings from all finger and toenails. The more we have is always better. If no hair or nails are available (baby) please request an additional saliva swab. 

Does the hair need to be from the root? 
No, any part of the hair is fine to use from any area of the body. 

How long does it take to get my results? 
Once you drop your samples in the mail, we ask that you allow roughly 3 weeks for your results, which you will receive notification from your provider. 

How does a scan benefit me? 
This innovative scanning process will take the guesswork out of unknown stressors. It will pinpoint areas of the body that are energetically stressed. By utilizing this information positive changes can be made. The remedy test & report are valuable to take the guesswork out what balancing remedies your body needs. This could include a combination of herbal & homeopathic remedies as well as nutritional supplements. 

What if I only want to know what remedies and supplements my body needs? 
If you are not interested in doing the Full Scan, we offer a Remedy Scan that includes a list of remedies and supplements energetically balance well with your hair. 

How many times should I get scanned? Is once enough? 
Everyone is different. Each scan can provide you with priceless information that may never require another scan again. Others use the initial scan as a baseline and each subsequent scan can show someone’s progress over time. Work with your provider to find the best plan for you. 

What ages do you work with? 
We work with ALL ages. We have worked on infants and clients over 100 years old.

What amount of hair do I need from my samples? 
We need roughly 1 teaspoon worth of hair for the sample.  More is always better. 
If you cannot collect 1 teaspoon worth of hair from anywhere on your body, then also include finger or toenail clippings in the same baggie. 

Do you test DNA and is the testing private? 
No, we are not testing the DNA. We test your hair to bioenergetically analyze stress, resonating toxins, food/environmental sensitivities, hormones, nutrients, and for a balancing holistic remedy regimen. We use a private testing facility where they follow protocols that destroy samples and securely keep records confidentially. Your information is never sold or used. 

Will my supplements or medications mask any readings? 
Certain supplements and medications can mask readings within the Systems Performance and Sensitivity sections. This will tell you that what you are taking is keeping that bioenergetic system in balance, which is great to know! Also, we will be able to see stress factors that could influence those masked areas,  allowing you to get to the root of the stress!

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