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Coming Down from the Holidays

We are 6 days into the New Year and you may have a few more holiday parties to attend or you may be done but still feeling exhausted! This weekend I was reading another blog about how we feel after the holidays and they called it the Holiday Hangover...which I thought was catchy! But honestly this affects all ages.

As adults we can understand that we need to get back into the groove of things. But for kids this week still might be a bit of a struggle. This is the first full week back to a normal schedule and between Thanksgiving and then Christmas...they've had about 6 weeks of craziness with new presents and probably added sugar. So the kids who can handle stress (physical, chemical and emotional stress) better might be able to bounce back without a problem or minimal problems. But for the kids who are more "sensitive" to stress...this is where we see a harder time bouncing back, which means more 'symptoms' are arising. Symptoms can be more tantrums, breaking down quicker, colds, harder time sleeping, increase in constipation or bed wetting, and so much more! Boosting adjustments during this time helps their body bounce back quicker!

Some other great ways to help these kiddos get back into the groove of things (besides adjustments) are:

- Increase healthy foods & decrease sugar

- Decrease screen time

- Get outdoors!!!

- If you can't get outdoors...pull out the board games

- Keeping same bedtimes on weekends

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